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Our 16 Biocristalline Solutions. The energetic information of crystals for your health

Our product consist in a line of 16 Solutions made from 16 crystals (gems) developed in our laboratories in France. These gems have been soaked individually in a highly memorizing water (energized waters).

The goal of this process is to capture the energetic information of the gem: its vibration, through a secret proprietary process. This vibrating frequency (Crystalotherapy) is used as a health and wellness product for all discomforts such as:

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Self-destructive tendency, Drug Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Constipation, Headache, Panic, Weight-loss program, Male impotence….

And many more

The Bio-crystalline Solutions role is to restore the troubled psychological balance, consequently, the physiological balance in the individual, by resetting the present structures and tuning the body energy centers or Chakras.

The Biocristalline Solutions carry powerful vibrations, derived from the intrinsic memory of the gems and from the release of their healing properties

By resetting the health baseline of the patients, the Biocristalline information manages positively or improves the general health in the fields of: Emotional, Physical, Mental.

Bio-crystalline Solutions Benefits:

• Restore Full Balance both Physically and Emotionally

• NO Side Effects. • Does not create Dependencies or Addictions.

• 100% Natural Energized H2O - 100% Safe.

• Fractional cost compared to conventional treatments.

Each Solution bears the name of the gem that has been soaked in it and is used as a natural cure for all Discomforts; we can mention :

Aquamarine (against Stress, troubles sleeping…), Obsidian for those who find themselves at a turning point in their live (divorce, mourning etc...),liberates from belittling, self destructive thoughts, all forms of addiction. Amber to balance the marital and social relations; Ruby to energize;BlackTourmaline to help one master situation with a cool head...

Pls find below some information on Our Bio crystalline solutions

AMBER (11) Energy of Sympathy. Recommended for Lack of social skills, Rejection of one's image, Incommunicability, Irritability/Anger, Chronic colds, Balance spousal and social relationship, Defuse all relational blockages.

AMETHYST (16) Energy for Temperance. Recommended to control passions, Cool down hot-heads, Moderate emotional excess, fear of assuming; Soothe stress headaches.

AQUAMARINE (1) Soothing Energy. Recommended for Stress, Troubles sleeping, Anxiety, Ear, Nose Throat disorders, Lift all blocks and unsaid words. Give with Citrine to very stressed persons,

BLACK TOURMALINE (5) Builder's Energy. Recommended for Dismay, Panic, Muscle or joints pains, Support the mourning process by building. Give one cool-headedness, Help one master situations with a cool head. To be given with Amber to compensate its pessimistic tendency

CITRINE (14) Energy to Disengage. Recommended for Poor Adaptation, Fear of future, Torpor/indolence, Revitalize nerve tone, obesity, Prepare for written and oral exams, Give light and happy energy to convalescents.

CLEAR QUARTZ (6) Energy to Overflow. Recommended for : Confusion, Disconnection, Lack of centering, Liberate from dependencies (Nicotine, Drugs, Alcohol..)

HEMATITE(7) Impulsiveness Energy. Recommended for: Lack of iron, Withdrawal, Sluggishness, Regenerate red blood cells, Push to commitment through personal motivation.

LAPIS LAZULI (4) Energy of Autonomy. Recommended to : Liberate from affective dependency, Assume periods of upset with lucidity, Soothe chronic lung problems,. Relax those who are very nervous and hyper cerebral.

OBSIDIAN (9) Survival Energy. Beneficial energy to people who are called on to take on a change in their lives or who have to mourn something or someone. Liberate from belittling or self destructive thoughts, Free from all forms of dependencies (drug, alcohol, nicotine), Help one deal with torments and giving up. To be given with Amber to compensate its pessimistic tendency.

OLIVINE (13) Rivalry Energy Recommended for Creeping anger, Refusal of an obstacle (does not feel capable), Draining liver cells, Energy of anger and bad moods. Work on slow intestinal tract.

OPAL (10) Energy for reflexion. Recommended for : dark anger, mental block, headache from liver, . Unlock shy people, Fight doubt from low self-esteem.

PEARL (12) Maternal Energy Recommended for: Refusal to reproduce, Fear of structure, family worries, To stimulate ovulation, Help one's accept having been an unwanted child, Defuse family conflicts.

RED JASPER (15) Energy to get involved Recommended for: Dismay at life, Fear of commitment, Sexual atonia, Lack of reference points, To relieve anxiety, Root a person soundly in reality.

RHODOCROSITE (8) Compassion Energy Recommended for : Love sickness, Sadness, Defuse aggressive tendencies and pacify, Ease heartaches, Stimulate and rehabilitate the veinous circulatory system.

RUBY (2) Energy of Territoriality, Recommended for Defeatism, Depression, Powerlessness, Lack of will and self confidence, Energize, Vitalize, and push to act. Give courage to overcome difficulties, Rebalance the arterial circulatory system.

TOPAZ (3) Energy to consume Recommended for Blues, Pessimism, Hardships, Forcefully invigorates sexual drive, Repairs all sorts of shocks, Liberates from fears, Gives back the taste of pleasures.

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