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The genuine copper regulator (copper mat): RECUTI

Beware of counterfeits; all other brands are counterfeits, the only genuine copper mat is the RECUTI brand mat manufactured and sold by its inventor Jean Paul CREUSOT since 1987 (Formerly Cell-O-Mat), through his distributors.

BEWARE OF IMITATIONS : Copper thread sheet "wannabees" have been known to have caused some users unpleasant health reactions, sometimes with dire consequences.

You have aches and pains, you are not sleeping well, you are suffering from other physical ailments…, our RECUTI copper regulator will give you relief.

Our RECUTI copper regulator will also rid you of the harmful waves accumulated during the day and coming from cell phones, computers and all electrical devices

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Our copper regulator is made of pure electro- desoxygenized copper

Dimension approx :70 in x31in (made for 1 person)

Effects of copper regulator on pains

From a chemical standpoint, copper is capable of entering the body through the skin, in ionic state, and acts as a trace element that has been absorbed (ionic state is a state in which an atom is active).

Copper has anti-inflammatory properties, acts on pain and produces relief, regression and stops the osteoarthritis development process.

Osteoarthritis and copper

  In the age of modern medicine, it has been proven that oxidation of magnetized copper by the skin promotes the transcutaneous, then systemic passage (in the blood circulation) of this metalwith powerful anti-inflammatory properties explaining the beneficial effect on arthritis pain.(W.R.Walker, University of Newcastle, Australia).

Copper and its modes of action.

 Our body contains a little less than 1 gram of copper in all and yet this essential trace element is involved in the development and the homeostasis of the body. It participates in a large number of chemical and enzymatic reactions as a co-factor.

Its anti-arthritis power, known since Antiquity, is linked to its anti-inflammatory effect by the inhibition of interleukin 1 and by a chrondomodulating action with protection of the cartilage increasing the synthesis of collagen by activation of lysyls oxydases.

It is also a powerful anti-oxidant that eliminates free radicals (metabolic waste that is highly toxic for the cells)

Copper is also involved in transporting oxygen to the blood because it is necessary for hemoglobin synthesis, in cell respiration through cytochrome synthesis, in bone mineralization, neurotransmission but also in the immune and infection defense mechanisms.

The daily requirement for adults is1mg

 Copper and the benefits of supplementation.

The trend in industrialized countries is toward a slight copper deficiency.

Moderate Copper deficiency is frequent, 30% in the French population, and misleading since it is clinically asymptomatic. Copper deficiency is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. It alters immune reactions and decreases bone, cartilage and tendino-muscular quality.

High copper depletion through perspiration is a misunderstood cause of copper deficiency, particularly in athletes, explaining the frequency of the occurrence of joint pain, stress fractures, muscle strains and tendinitis during physical effort.

Its recognized antifungal and bactericidal properties make its use particularly helpful for purifying water pipes, for alcohol distillation, in viticulture and organic farming (Bordeaux mixture)

Halte à la pollution électromagnétique. Avec le régulateur de cuivre RECUTI, Débarrassez vous la nuit des ondes nocives accumulées durant la journée..

Les champs magnétiques perturbent notre santé

Do you experience Back, Body pains, Discomforts, Trouble sleeping! The copper regulator will relieve you

Stop Electromagnetic Pollution ! With the copper regulator RECUTI you can rid yourself of the harmful waves accumulated during the day, at night

Magnetics fields disturb our health


Your situation is desperate due to sleepless nights, back or other discomforts, stress, overwork, fatigue, cervical or frontal problems. Four out of ten people suffer from one of these problems. They want to find relief other than through potions or ineffective gadgets.


A SOCIAL PHENOMENON ; Dr. J.P. MASCHI became aware in 1964 of the importance of electrical pollution in the modern world: All the electrical magnetic devices :-computers, cell phones, refrigerators, microwave ovens, TVs, etc.-- as well as the presence of radars, antennas, high-voltage electrical lines in our environment ; send us waves that are captured by our cells; this contributes to our slow electrocution. Without realizing it, we are all subject to this electrical pollution, which is responsible for the incessant increase in the so-called discomforts of civilization:

The synthetic materials that compose most of our modern clothes create static electricity by rubbing against the body. The excessive buildup of this static electricity ultimately affects the well-being of some people who, unbeknownst to them, are sensitive to it and who are unaware of this phenomenon.


RE-CU-TI   is a patented, registered trademark product. It’s easy to use: a specially treated pillow case and sheet (100% cotton and copper) that is placed under your pillow case and bed sheet and that require no special maintenance. The static electricity in your body is attracted to the copper regulator (copper is the 2nd best conductor of electricity after silver) and is evacuated through a small patented device called the evacuator, which plugs into a grounding conductor.


The Virtues of COPPER : The beneficial effects of copper have been known since antiquity (bracelets); the main idea was to expand the field of action of this metal, thanks to a new process. The enlargement of the weave of the SHEET shows the electrodesoxygenated cotton-covered extruded copper wires. (Pure electrolytically treated copper and 100% natural cotton.) The copper thus distributed in the PILLOW CASE and the SHEET plays the role of conductor, and collects the electricity in the body, thus discharging the body and the cells of electricity, positive ions, radioactive objects or cosmic radiation that are harmful to our body. Very quickly, your body discomforts are reduced, then disappear, and it is once again possible TO SLEEP WELL

IT’S THE APPLICATION of a theory of a French researcher, G. LAKHOVSKY concerning.

CELLULAR OSCILLATION during the 1930s, which was hailed at that time by the greatest researchers in the world.


Our many users once again find deep, restorative sleep, a great improvement in their physical discomforts and problems, tone and vitality.

We receive many letters from satisfied people of all ages. Read these testimonials and letters of thanks for yourself. RE-CU-TI : A GENTLE THERAPY WITH A RARE ABILITY TO GIVE YOU RELIEF.

They were desperate, but thanks to RE-CU-TI they have now found relief

( Some testimonies)

January 07th 2004


I was suffering from a serious sleep disorder, unable to sleep at night, I was suffering from "bursitis" in the shoulder, occasionally crippling my arm. My doctor prescribed powerful (and costly) medication that worked as expected, but made me very groggy : imagine feeling like a "zombie", in a foul mood ALL DAY. half doses had no effect whatsoever. I put a stop to all that poison. I have been sleeping on the blanket for the past 2 weeks and noticed a gradual and steady improvement : at least 6 hours of uninterrupted nightly sleep and far less shoulder pain. I am well on my way to full recovery THANKS A MILLION

Mr Luigi M...... Hallandale Florida USA

December 05th2003

I am writing to express my gratitude. I am very satisfied with the copper blanket :my sleep and pain in one arm have clearly improved.

Mr Richard C...... Miami Florida USA

December 20th 2003

Since I use the copper sheet, I feel good and I sleep very well. Thank you for discovering it

                      Mrs Linda R...... Miami Florida USA

Having purchased the copper sheet for my husband who suffers from various physical ailments, the use of this sheet is conclusive : cervical arthrosis and hip pain, to cite only the most important have been relieved considerably

Mrs Henriette B….. Polanicou France

Since I started using your copper sheet, I have been very satisfied. I no longer experience pain at night. I can only recommend it to other people who suffer from rheumatism. Thank you

Mrs Danielle H… Goux les Usiers France

I am writing to thank you for your copper sheet, which gave my husband relief in three to four days, and allows him to sleep without drugs. Thank you sincerely for your miracle sheet.

Mrs Michelle M……… Trayes France

December 21 1989

I am very satisfied wth the copper sheet. I’ve had great relief and I don’t regret purchasing it. My fingers were swollen and I couldn’t bend them, and I also had back and lower back problems. The mat really helped me

Mrs Julie K……. Vieux Bourg Abymes Guadeloupe Carribean

Since I began using the copper wire sheet, I have no more complaints of back pain, lower back pain, and leg pain thanks to its great effectiveness.

I remember when I used to go to bed at night, I hurt all over and when I would wake up, I hurt even more. I suffered from all my ailments every day, and nothing seemed to give me real relief. Now that I have the copper wire sheet, everything has changed, yes, everything has really changed : No back pain, no lower pain, or even leg pain.

I sleep well at night, and in the morning I wake up feeling great. I am happy that my health has improved, and I thank you very much for teaching me the secret of the copper wire sheet. Thanks again

Mrs Michelle E……. Guadeloupe Carribean

I was sick for eight months ; I saw different specialists and was hospitalized several times without results. Thanks to the copper sheet that cured me completely I was able to go back to work four months ago.

Other people can also trust the copper sheet for their health and their complete cure

Mrs Marius Th……. Guadeloupe Carribean

I want to tell you how grateful I am for the benefits that the copper sheet has given me and by my son.

In my case, I used to suffer from the following problems : a serious bout of flu every 2 months that left me in a bad way, severe pains in my upper back and lower back that obligated me to support my lower back to relive them, sciatic pain from the base of my back to my heel, circulatory problems (swelling of the feet and legs, pain in one knee). When I began using the copper sheet, I noticed a great improvement, then the complete disappearance of my problems ; vitality and energy.

My son, who was five years old at the time, suffered from allergies (to mites) that obliged me to place him under a specialist’s care. Faced with the lack of success of the treatments, one day when I was desperate because I didn’t know what else to do, I got the idea of placing the copper sheet on his bed. The child who had always slept loudly, suddendly became peaceful and then subsequently, having noticed that he had completely recovered, I put aside all the medications that had been prescribed for him

Mrs Liliane G……. Guadeloupe Carribean

I want to thank you for allowing me to learn about this marvelous copper sheet, because I want to stress that I had problems throughout my entire body and despite medications, I suffered tremendously and I didn’t know what to do. I am very satisfied with my sheet, and I no longer suffer from all these problems

Mrs D……… Guadeloupe Carribean


First of all, we strongly recommend using 100% cotton sheets in order not to interfere with the action of the copper regulator, and also for your personal comfort.

If you do not have the case, lay the copper regulator (or copper mat) over your pillow and your mattress

To be effective, the regulator must be placed on your mattress and pillow or under your 100% cotton mattress cover. So that it retains its original appearance as long as possible, we recommend that you protect it by covering it with a towel or any other 100% cotton fabric; then you place the fitted sheet on which you sleep over it. During the day, in case of aches and pains, you can slip the copper cover into a scarf and apply it to the painful areas.

To discharge the regulator, it is imperative to use our electric charge discharger sold with the regulator. Leave it plugged into the ground protector permanently. This device allows you to discharge the static and electromagnetic electrical charges accumulated in the regulator ; Never unplug the ground connector, it must be plugged in continuously.

Connecting the evacuator: Connect the flat plug of the evacuator cord to the flat plug of the copper regulator, the other end of the evacuator cord (round plug) must be connected to the male ground connector of the wall outlet; Do not use an extension cord or power strip

Inside this evacuator, a selective filter filters the undesirable frequencies that could be conveyed by the ground wire, it is also equipped with a charge backflow prevention system

Due to the bacteriostatic properties of pure copper, it is not necessary to clean the regulator. If the ground connecter fails or is missing , soak the regulator in water 1 to 2 times a week and dry it in the shade, not in sunlight. Make sure from time to time that the regulator is not disconnected from the mat or the ground connector.

RECUTI facilitates weight loss, then stabilizes it. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS

Very important

Some users may experience a temporary increase in their aches and pains, we recommend that they do not stop using the copper mat; these symptoms will disappear on their own

Our products are not intended to diagnose,treat, cure or prevent any disease